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At 4Front Nursing Aide Academy, our First Aid, CPR and CNA Training classes are approved by the State Board of Nursing in Georgia, American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute and the Red Cross. We are a highly recommended training institute for the comprehensive curriculum and instructional approach we use in our classes. Our goal in every program we offer and every class we handle is to ensure that students gain a thorough understanding of their future professions in nursing and allied health.

In addition to the training and instruction, our staff also provides one-on-one career advice and counseling. We motivate our students to fulfill their fullest potentials. It is our firm belief that their success begins and ends with the way they see themselves in their careers and how much importance they give to their responsibilities in caring for patients.

As a training institute, we instill the values of diligence, integrity and compassion. These same values are the foundation of 4Front Nursing Aide Academy upon establishment. We hope that our students will apply them in their personal and professional lives as well. This is the most precious legacy we can give to them in their journey as healthcare providers.

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It is our mission to provide CPR, First Aid and CNA Training that will enable our students to meet state-set standards and pursue their career dreams in their respective specializations. We shall provide our students with the training, the skills and the tools that will make them succeed in their individual goals as nurses and allied health professionals. [About Us...]

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